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Tony Urbanek

Tony Urbanek

Board Member

Tony Urbanek is a proud resident of Franklin, TN, where he resides with his wife Laura and their three children. As the proprietor of Tony's Eat & Drink, a beloved local sports bar, Tony is deeply rooted in the community fabric. Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Tony is actively involved in community service as a member of the Franklin Noon Rotary.

In his leisure time, Tony embraces a diverse array of interests. An avid guitarist, he finds solace and creativity in strumming melodies. Additionally, Tony dedicates himself to coaching his children's sports teams, fostering both skill development and camaraderie on the field. A voracious reader, he is always eager to delve into the pages of a new book, expanding his horizons and enriching his understanding of the world.

Since 2022, Tony has been an integral part of We Care Williamson County, contributing his time and resources to uplift those in need within the community. His commitment to philanthropy extends beyond mere participation, as he annually orchestrates charity events at Tony's Eat & Drink, with all proceeds benefiting Williamson County. Through these initiatives, Tony embodies the spirit of compassion and generosity, striving to make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

(615) 554-3999

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