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Dana Pansa

Dana Pansa

Board Member

Dana Pansa brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her role as a board member of our non-profit organization. With 38 years of nursing experience and 28 years of active community volunteering, Dana's commitment to serving others is unparalleled.

Dana began her career as a registered nurse, quickly establishing herself as a compassionate and skilled healthcare professional. Over the span of 38 years, she has worked tirelessly in various healthcare settings. Her expertise spans multiple specialties, including orthopedic care, OB/GYN, and geriatrics.

Throughout her career, Dana has not only provided exceptional patient care but has also been a mentor and advocate for her colleagues. She has held leadership positions within nursing associations and has been instrumental in implementing initiatives aimed at improving patient outcomes and advancing the nursing profession.

In addition to her distinguished nursing career, Dana has dedicated herself to serving her community through volunteering. For the past 28 years, she has been actively involved in numerous charitable organizations and community initiatives. Her volunteer work has encompassed a wide range of causes.

Dana's passion for community service is evident in her hands-on approach and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact.

(615) 972-5657

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